Elevator Maintenance

Let us maintain your elevator system to keep your lift running safely and efficiently.

Annual Inspections and Preliminary Notice

You may have recently received a Prelim or Preliminary notice that you must have your elevator system inspected by the State of California. This notice is standard and required for all elevator systems installed in the State of California.

Inspections and testing can include procedures such as elevator load testing and an elevator annual test, both of which we are well qualified to perform.

When you receive a preliminary notice it is best to forward the Prelim notice to Capitol Elevator Company and we will walk you through the compliance requirements.

State of California Inspection Compliance

Every time an inspector from the State of California inspects an elevator they will write something up. Don’t panic! Call us and we can walk you through what requirements you must meet and any urgent elevator fixes needed to comply.

The Value of Elevator Maintenance Plans

Elevator maintenance plans don’t have to be expensive. When your elevator system is running smoothly it is still important to perform maintenance to keep an elevator running safely to remain effective. Although all elevator systems will require repair at some point, the key to preventing major repairs and emergencies is a good maintenance plan.

Remember, maintenance is always less expensive than an emergency elevator repair!

Experience You Can Count On

Our mechanics have the experience to perform all tasks associated with the elevator business, which is why we are so good at what we do. Most elevators today have computerized solid state controls, resulting in more complex systems and troubleshooting than in the past. That’s why through continued education and training offered through industry programs and the elevator constructors union our mechanics have the ability to maintain and repair all elevator ages, models and categories.

We Make Elevator Service Personal

Elevator maintenance requires an ongoing relationship.  When you do require a repair, you will receive personalized service with one of our account representatives .

Although elevator maintenance is not necessarily urgent, if you do find your elevator system requires immediate, emergency repair, please call us at any time and we’ll work to quickly return your elevator to service.

Unlike the OEMs who have drifted to a “service as needed” policy which could lead to nobody servicing your elevator unless there’s trouble call, we show up once a month to make sure your elevator is working at its best.