Elevator Modernization

Safety and efficiency are top priorities when modernizing an older elevator system. Our goal is to increase reliability, reduce entrapments and other potential problems.

Be Safe and Save Money

Outdated elevators do more than age your building and drive up property management costs; they also pose a hazard to riders. As your elevator system ages you may find uneven leveling or the elevator doors may begin to have issues with unreliable detection systems. By modernizing your elevator, you can reduce your potential liability and bring your elevator into compliance with current elevator code.

Elevator systems in California are required to meet certain standards and comply with specific codes including:

  • ADA upgrades
  • Seismic regulations
  • California building code
  • Electrical code
  • Fire code

These elevator compliance requirements may seem like a lot to research and remember, but we can walk you through the process quickly and we’ll have your elevator up and running quickly.

Hardware Upgrades

Modernization is typically something that comes about when the elevator is past the point when basic maintenance is not keeping it going. The original parts are no longer available.

Solid Systems to Keep Your Elevator Running and Looking Great

Whether your elevators require new door equipment, controls, or complete elevator replacement, we use only state-of-the-art, but time proven, non-proprietary components and equipment.

Safety, reliability and system longevity are all top priorities in our modernization projects. Full engineering services are available as needed including California licensed structural engineering, to certify code compliance, structural sufficiency and seismic survivability.

Although bringing an elevator up to code or modernizing an older system can be a big project, we highly recommend modernizing your elevator system to make it as safe and efficient as possible.

Call Capitol Elevator Company to update and modernize your elevator system for an efficient and valuable modernization.

Cab Interior Modifications

Every interior needs a facelift now and then, including your elevator.

A cosmetic upgrade to your elevator cab is a cost-effective way to guarantee that visitors get a positive impression of your building. Let Capitol Elevator give your drab, dated cab a complete makeover with all new wall panels, flooring, lighting, handrails and ceilings in a variety of finishes, from basic to luxurious.

We work with some of the top elevator interior design companies in the U.S. to create custom and classy cab interior modifications, including Young Elevators, Snapcab and Columbia Elevator to name a few.